Wednesday 12 May 2010

Day 06 ~ A song that reminds you of somewhere ~ Too Much Love - Queen ~

A song that reminds me of a place has to be a holiday song, and here I am spoiled for choice for insistent sound tracks accompany so many summer holidays - from the Boomtown Rats playing on the radio in a Dover car-park in 1979, waiting for a ferry, to Van Morrison as we drove around tiny country lanes in rainy Cornwall in 1996, and Katy Perry 18 months ago in San Maxim.

But the song I am going for is Queen singing Too Much Love (Will Kill You in the End),

which reminds me of driving through in a hired 4x4 through Arizona in the summer of 2006.  We hired that car at Gunnison Airport, CO, and drove it to our Dude Ranch in the Powderhorn Valley (foolishly eschewing the the opportuinity to stock up in the Liquor Store in Gunnison, thus condemning ourselves to four dry days in the alcohol-free barn) and from there to the Grand Canyon and finally to LA.

Along the way we listened to local music radio, and in Arizona this song was high on the playlist and we must have heard it a dozen times, the family all singing along.

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