Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 11 ~ A song from your favourite band ~ Eddi Reader - The Right Place ~

I am not sure I really have a favourite band, but  Eddi and her band in its various combinations is certainly up there in the top few.

I have seen Eddi play live many times, most recently just this year in Canary Wharf.

This song, The Right Place, is from her second solo album Eddi Reader released some time after leaving Fairground Attraction. The song was written by fellow FA band member, Mark E Nevin, whose falling out with Eddi had precipitated the break up of the band. It must have been a pleasure for the two of them to get back together again.

Right Place is one of my favourite Eddi songs: her voice soars and the lyrics are wonderful. I particularly like:
Five or ten lifetimes ago
There lived a girl that you don't know -
She walked about and answered to my name
But let's not talk of strangers now
Of where and when or why and how
I've turned around and I'm looking at a new day
I've been in the wrong place
Long enough to know
I'm in the
right place now

Many years after Eddi recorded Right Place, Boo Hewerdine wrote a song for her that started, and ended:
I'm in a new place now
I've always assumed it a reference to this song, and always enjoyed the thought of the two songwriters interacting with each other. I asked Eddi Reader once whether this was the case, but she replied ambiguously.  On Sunday I am going to see Boo Hewerdine play at Twickenham Folk Club, perhaps I'll ask him. Meanwhile what do you think?


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