Monday 10 May 2010

Day 04 ~ A song that makes you sad ~ Murder in the Dark - Boo Hewerdine ~

All the best music is sad music.

Boo Hewerdine deserves to be better known. I first came across him as the writer and musical partner of Eddi Reader: he wrote most of her finest album Simple Soul (more of both later this month). Since then I have seen him live several times both with Eddi, and on his own.

Most of Boo's songs make you sad and Murder in the Dark one of  his typical wrist slashers. Like many of his best songs it built around a deceptively simple idea and turn of phrase. Deceptively simple? That's right, you try writing a song like this.

A song that makes you sad...

Last year Boo was unexpectedly summoned by Andrew Marr to sing - somewhat incongruously - on his Sunday politics show. Here he is with Muddy Waters

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