Thursday 24 June 2010

Day 32 – A song you'd like to pass on to your children ~ Phil Collins - Lorenzo ~

- Not because Phil is one of my all -time favourites (although he is)
- Not because it reminds me of my time in Africa (although it does)
- Not becasue it is a great song (although it is)
- Not because it is optimistic and spiritually uplifting (although it is)

But because of the fun that the Botogol family have all drumming along together to the solo that comes at 2'50" - a dinner table performance always especially enjoyed, we find, by boyfriends of Botogol daughters.

Here's Phil hamming it up in Paris...

And that, my friends is it. Botogol's Thirty-Two songs.
My work here is done. I thank you.


M4GD said...

And thank you for the fun cool cool compilation! Vive Les Botogols :-)

outside-jane said...

Great stuff! And I can visualise the dinner table solo!

I was also delighted to see that the whole family (independently) had Frankie Laine in our lists (and all different tracks) - a personal triumph for our father I think!

Am I going to see you again this summer? I do hope so bb... xxx